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Return to the enchanting streets of Undertown, where old friends await and new mysteries beckon. Join Emma, the lovable yet hapless psychic, as she delves into a world of black-market magic, family secrets, and fae intrigue.

Book 4: Slay Fae
When smuggled magic sparks deadly consequences, Emma’s suspect number one. With the equinox looming and ancient secrets resurfacing, she must navigate a treacherous dance of power and deception. Can Emma uncover the truth and claim her destiny before it’s too late?

Book 5: Stamp Vamp
A perfect summer morning shatters when a body with bite marks is discovered, and an ally’s secret life is revealed. As Emma races to solve the case, she faces a chilling adversary and a sinister plot that threatens to consume them all.

Book 6: Buried Fairy
Emma’s psychic talents lead her into the heart of the magical mafia’s dealings, where a devilish deal sends her on a perilous quest to save her father. With the clock ticking and danger lurking at every turn, Emma must navigate the treacherous world of the Emerald City Renaissance Faire to uncover a murderer’s deadly game.

Indulge in the next thrilling installment of the Undertown Mysteries series with this bundle, featuring fast-paced plots, quirky characters, and a dash of supernatural intrigue. Join Emma and her eclectic crew as they unravel secrets, confront adversaries, and navigate the complexities of magic and murder. With LGBTQ+ positivity, found family dynamics, and pulse-pounding mysteries, these books promise an immersive journey that will keep you hooked until the very last page. Dive into the world of Undertown today and experience the magic for yourself.

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Format: Paperback
Print Length: 522 Pages
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Language: English
Series: Undertown Mysteries

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Welcome to Undertown, where magic weaves through the streets and mystery lurks around every corner.

Immerse yourself in a world of cozy coffee shops, quirky characters, and puzzling whodunnits. Join Emma and her friends as they unravel the mysteries of Undertown, where every corner holds a new adventure and every page feels like coming home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
S. Miller
This series gets better and better

this series gets better and better…love the characters, plot twists, ongoing saga development…. Definitely a series worth reading…. Perfect mix of murder, mystery, paranormal & witty banter!

Kindle Customer JanR
Slay fae book 4 4.7 stars

It is difficult to image who the bad guy is and all the trouble he causes. Especially when he thinks he has trapped Emma and the Fae prince and even the Captain. Hah!Sassy's group of cats takes on Grandma Little's yarn monsters. Viv moves in with Emma, so Emma doesn't have to move to take a job!As close to a happy ending possible at this point!

Review of slay fae

I liked this book because Emma is just such a likable person and now that she has her powers she can stay in town and be the psychic she was meant to be. Perhaps she can rescue her father next.

LE La Princessa
Wow! amazing mystery!!

I started reading this series and was like, this is a neat take. Book after book it got better. I was not quite sure where she was going with it, but WOW! I just finished this installment and WOW! I am blown away with the intricate plot and subplots that were all tied together! The characters are good, well written and interesting. She does a great job of a diverse cast of characters. The sub plot with the cat-Captain-is so amazing too!!! I really like the diversity and variety of characters too. Incorporating folklore, mystery and vibrance into community. Well done! I will be reading more. I have already recommended to at least one friend. This was a fantastic surprise to read this series! So glad I did.

Rhonda Jones
Wow! awesome story

I loved this storyline. Very imaginative. The end of the book was both fulfilling and sad. I won't say more so I do not spoil it for anyone. I am loving this series.