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A body with bite marks. A secret identity. A priceless stamp gone missing.

It was a perfect summer morning. Coffee. Shopping. Murder—wait—why does this keep happening to Emma? The new sheriff would sure like to know. He suspects everyone, as long as they’re innocent.

To protect her neighbors, Emma must solve the case first. She’s caught killers before. With her growing psychic powers, and some ghostly help, it should be a piece of cake.

But this body is bloodless. The neck has two puncture wounds. A mirror lies shattered beside it. Nobody can agree if it’s murder, or the work of a bloodsucking field. Tensions overboil as the Friends of the Library go to war with the Friends of the Museum and hurl pieces of cake like cannonballs at the battle of the bake sales.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, a mastermind looks on and smiles. Their patient hands have waited for years. Now they lift them to strike.

Come home to Undertown for:

  • Fast-paced, funny magical mysteries
  • Witches, ghosts, cryptids, fae, and other folklore
  • A secret neighborhood filled with lovable characters
  • Cozy coffee shops, bakeries, bookstores
  • Found family and new friends
  • Starting over, mid-life
  • LGBTQ+ positivity
  • Puzzling murder mystery whodunnits

Product Details

Format: Paperback
Print Length: 124 Pages
Paperback Size: 5 x 8 inches
Language: English
Series: Undertown Mysteries (Book #5)

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Welcome to Undertown, where magic weaves through the streets and mystery lurks around every corner.

Immerse yourself in a world of cozy coffee shops, quirky characters, and puzzling whodunnits. Join Emma and her friends as they unravel the mysteries of Undertown, where every corner holds a new adventure and every page feels like coming home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kindle Customer JanR
Stamp vamp: book 5

This book definitely kept you on your toes; more spirits added to the confusion, as well as confusing stories about vampires being murderers.The same lousy detective questioned everyone and blamed them of the murders just to see what would fall from the tree (so to speak). Emma tries to help everyone and as usual, she succeeds.

Sue Johnson
Another great under town mystery!

Tabatha Gray wrote another fun book with Stamp Vamp. The HEA always comes with a lot of work but Emma does her job. I can't wait for the next book.

Love this series

I can not wait for the next book in the series to come out. I binged the first six books.

Kindle Customer
Good book!

If you want to read a book that has many intriguing characters, this is it!! Town of Under town that has ghosts, and other creatures that live along side with humans, but only a specific few know the whole story. Going to try the next installment!!

Rhonda Jones
Great mystery

A shorter read but still had a great mystery. One character was a hoot. Orion, who sells crystals and acts like a 60's hippy. I was happy to see he showed up in the next book, which I have already read.