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New friends, family ghosts and a riot at the community center.

When Emma, 40, inherits her estranged aunt’s psychic shop, she doesn’t plan to stay. Back home her career is hanging by a thread. But so is the body she finds in the attic.

Murder spills a lifetime of magical secrets. Decades ago, they destroyed a family and gutted a community. Now they’re Emma’s only second chance.

To crack the case and lift the curse she needs her friends: a team of gossip-hungry ghosts; a professor of applied folklore; a tough-as-nails barista; and an enigmatic cat known as The Captain.

Over frothy lattes and flaky croissants, Emma follows the clues and finds what she least expects: friendship and community. But can she keep them?

The power-hungry Neighborhood Association wants her out. Meanwhile, a killer from the past is tying up loose ends…

Come home to Undertown for:

  • Fast-paced, funny magical mysteries
  • Witches, ghosts, cryptids, fae, and other folklore
  • A secret neighborhood filled with lovable characters
  • Cozy coffee shops, bakeries, bookstores
  • Found family and new friends
  • Starting over, mid-life
  • LGBTQ+ positivity
  • Puzzling murder mystery whodunnits

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Format: Paperback
Print Length: 216 Pages
Paperback Size: 5 x 8 inches
Language: English
Series: Undertown Mysteries (Book #1)

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Welcome to Undertown, where magic weaves through the streets and mystery lurks around every corner.

Immerse yourself in a world of cozy coffee shops, quirky characters, and puzzling whodunnits. Join Emma and her friends as they unravel the mysteries of Undertown, where every corner holds a new adventure and every page feels like coming home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Nice twist

It took a minute to get rolling but rolling it did. It was a fine story. I really like it alot. An I love how it ended. Good book. Very good book.

Rhonda Jones
Great characters and setting

A lot is happening in this book. Emma just inherited her late aunt's psychic shop with second story apartment. Emma did not know her Aunt well, not seeing her since Emma was a child. The shop is located in a unique hidden area of Seattle. It is hard to find, hard to navigate in, and hard to get WiFi service. And as soon as Emma gets there, she finds her cousin's dead body. She also discovers she can see and talk to ghosts. And more death has to be investigated. This was a fascinating story. Loved it. On to book 2.

Kindle Customer
A very fascinating story.

The story took you away on a great imaginative adventure. And the characters were so well written that they came to life right there on the pages. Loved this book and can't wait to read the next one. I recommend this reading for adults and teenagers alike. It's a good clean read with no cursing ect. In it.

R Grisham-Whitehouse
Very fun

This was a fun read. I think the mystery needed a few more hints to allow the reader to reach the correct conclusion. The characters are lovable, and the plot moves quickly.

Amazon Customer
Fun fun fun!

Loved it!!! Such a page turner right from the beginning with characters who just jump off the page with fullness. Lots of funny and quirky moments as well, but it still takes itself seriously. And I loved the crystal clear and witty writing style.