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It’s a killer performance by one actor, and curtains for another…

When a leading man’s dagger rips Undertown apart, could it be the magic neighborhood’s last act? It had better not be—Emma just finished unpacking!

Nobody needs a psychic with a case this clear. But in Undertown, nothing is what it seems. An enemy’s plea for help shows that the people in charge have the most to hide, and they’ll do anything to keep their secrets.

An innocent man may be in jail, but Emma’s sure to crack the case. She’s got pluck! Not to mention amazing friends: the gossip ghosts; a professor of applied folklore; a barista with a magic touch; and a hard-boiled detective cat.

Between frothy lattes and flaky croissants, they follow the twisty trail of clues. But none of them know what’s waiting only blocks away, where a shadowy figure draws a summoning circle—and an unexpected guest begins the performance of a lifetime…

Come home to Undertown for:

  • Fast-paced, funny magical mysteries
  • Witches, ghosts, cryptids, fae, and other folklore
  • A secret neighborhood filled with lovable characters
  • Cozy coffee shops, bakeries, bookstores
  • Found family and new friends
  • Starting over, mid-life
  • LGBTQ+ positivity
  • Puzzling murder mystery whodunnits

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Format: Paperback
Print Length: 208 Pages
Paperback Size: 5 x 8 inches
Language: English
Series: Undertown Mysteries (Book #2)

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Welcome to Undertown, where magic weaves through the streets and mystery lurks around every corner.

Immerse yourself in a world of cozy coffee shops, quirky characters, and puzzling whodunnits. Join Emma and her friends as they unravel the mysteries of Undertown, where every corner holds a new adventure and every page feels like coming home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Heidi F
Fun read.

The storyline and characters are enjoyable. Mystery and humor are mixed well. I sometimes forget it's not real.

Rhonda Jones
Great mystery

An interesting cast of characters witness a murder. It appears clear who did it. But when the suspect calls Emma from jail asking her to help him, she reluctantly jumps in. Of-course there is more than just this one plotline. A side of supernatural mischief adds a fun distraction. I loved the book. On to book 3.

Carol davenport
Great book

Love it, fun

Kindle Customer
Under town paranormal mysteries #2

A fun read.with some interesting characters thrown into a mix of.a.storyline. The author has a very different take on the subject of paranormal.

Kindle Customer JanR
Drama demon book 2

What a kick trying to figure out who is guilty of what and how to prove it. Emma certainly has her hands full trying to renovate her new home in time for Thanksgiving with her mom. Emma is still working on Dash's history to free him. Got to get started on the next book in the series.