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Sisterhood is Magic

Holly’s life is planned perfection. Her cozy bookstore, brimming with paranormal mysteries and romance novels, is thriving. Her fiancé is on the cusp of becoming a published author. Old friendships are rekindling.

But her carefully crafted world begins to unravel with the passing of her estranged grandmother.

When a precious family heirloom goes missing, Holly can only recover it by teaming up with her adventurous younger sister, Hazel. Pragmatic Holly and carefree Hazel may not always see eye-to-eye, but they’re about to learn that together they’re unstoppable.

Broken Charms takes place just before the main Charm Haven series.

  • Charm Haven is for you if you enjoy:
  • Mysteries on magical islands
  • Witches, shifters, vampires, and fae with cozy intrigue
  • Sisterhood and self-discovery
  • Starting over, mid-life
  • Queer characters
  • Paranormal women’s fiction
  • Humor and magical mayhem
  • Heartwarming stories of community and belonging

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Format: Ebook
Print Length: 100 Pages
Language: English
Series: Charm Haven Mysteries

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Step into the cozy world of Charm Haven, where magic is a way of life and mysteries are everywhere

Holly Nightingale is navigating midlife while her younger sister Hazel enjoys her twenties. Their adventures are filled with laugh-out-loud mishaps and spellbinding conundrums. Whether they're solving mysteries, sorting out their love lives or dealing with sassy familiars, Holly and Hazel prove that sisterhood and sorcery are a powerful brew.

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